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August Marks Add-A-Buck Month at Raley’s Family of Fine Stores

By Amy Davis | Tuesday August 4, 2009

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Throughout the year, customers have an opportunity to support local food banks through Raley’s Food For Families program by making donations at check stands in their neighborhood stores. But during month of August, Raley’s hosts its annual Add-A-Buck program for Food For Families, reminding customers of an easy way to give – at a time when donations are needed most. Through Add-A-Buck, customers can add a donation of $1 or more to their grocery bill at their local store to help feed hungry families in their community.

Area food banks are not only experiencing increased amounts of clients who depend on their services for food, but during the summer months, children eat more meals at home. Therefore, children are more likely to go hungry in the summer rather than during the school year when programs are available to provide meal assistance. Contributions are at the lowest levels of the year during the summer months – ironically, when it’s the most crucial time for donations.

“We sincerely appreciate the community’s commitment to feeding the hungry by partnering with us in our annual Add-A-Buck program,” said Food For Families Executive Director, Nancy McGagin. “Together, we will send more children back to school, healthy and well nourished.”

Customers can donate at any time of the year to a Food For Families cash box at check stands in their local store. Or, they can ask a courtesy clerk to ‘Add-A-Buck’ to their total grocery bill and the donation will show on their receipt.

Since the program began as a holiday food drive in 1986, Food For Families has raised in excess of $22 million and donated more than 12 million pounds of dry groceries to serve local food banks. Raley’s absorbs all of the administrative costs, ensuring that 100% of the donations benefit families in need.

For more information or to find out what organizations in your community are supported by Food For Families, please visit

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