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Edamame Soybeans in Pods

Recall Title: Edamame Soybeans in Pods

Recall Date: Mar-14-2017

Recall Number: 20801

Recall Date Sent: Mar-14-2017

Time Sent: 11:48:00 AM (-08 GMT)

Product Identification:

UPC Code Name & Product
Identifying Marks (lot #s, Dates, etc.)
23012002619 Edamame Soybeans in Pods – 8.0 oz. SKU # 90055735; Pull Lot # / Production date of SEP 15 2016 and DEC 05 2016.

Reason for Recall:
AFC Frozen Boiled Soybeans (Edamame), manufactured by Fu Hong Foods Enterprise CO., LTD, was tested and yielded POSITIVE for Listeria monocytogenes by one their partner suppliers.

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