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Food For Families Launches Annual Holiday Bag Program

Raley’s Partners with Customers to Raise Over 2 Million Pounds of Food

By Amy Davis | Wednesday November 12, 2008

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA – Despite recent reports of donations and charitable giving being down throughout area non-profits, Raley’s Food For Families program continues to supply local food banks and partnering agencies with steady donations.

However, in these difficult economic times, the need for donations is greater – particularly the need for food donations. Through the generosity of customers and colleagues, Raley’s is working hard to fill that growing need in the many communities served by the company’s 132 stores throughout Northern California and Nevada.

Starting Monday, Nov. 17 through Wednesday, Dec. 24, Raley’s will once again invite customers to partner with them in the annual Holiday Bag campaign. Through the Holiday Bag program, Raley’s offers bags of wholesome groceries, worth approximately $20, for only $10 at every Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source store. Customers can purchase a bag of nutritious groceries during a visit to their neighborhood store, which benefits a local food bank. Raley’s absorbs all administrative costs of the program with 100 percent of every donation going directly to help feed the hungry. Local food banks distribute the donated food to families in the neighborhood, so it remains in the community in which it was collected.

“We want to make it convenient for our customers to help those less fortunate,” said Nancy McGagin, Executive Director of Food For Families. “Especially this holiday season, food donations are in great need, so we are incredibly honored to partner with our generous customers once again in this program, as we work together to reach our goal of 2 million pounds of food this year.”

Last season, Raley’s customers and colleagues raised over 3.2 million pounds of food through the Holiday Bag program between Nov. 12 and Dec. 24, 2007.

Customers interested in donating can contribute in three ways:

  1. Use the cash collection boxes that are available at every check stand at their local store.
  2. Add a contribution to their bill when purchasing groceries.
  3. Purchase a bag filled with wholesome groceries between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to support the Holiday Bag program.

About Food For Families:

Food For Families is a registered 501(c)3 organization providing food for the needy year-round in the communities of Northern California and Northern Nevada served by Raley’s, Bel Air  Markets, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source stores.

Food For Families began as a holiday food drive in 1986 and was founded by Raley’s Co-Chairman and Owner Joyce Raley Teel and CEO emeritus Charles Collings. Since then, the organization has raised over $20 million and more than 10 million pounds of food for the needy in communities served by Raley’s stores, as part of the company’s long-time commitment to local communities. The legacy of the program continues today, thanks to the support of Raley’s customers, colleagues and community partners.

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