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Food Source Stockton Recall Notice

recall-postFood Source has issued a recall for ground beef, stir fry, carne asada, bottom round steaks, eye round steaks, petite sirloin steaks, and top sirloin steaks that were cut and tray packed by Food Source on June 20, 2016, by its 2323 West Hammer Lane, Stockton, CA 95209 location, due to possible cross-contamination.  Affected items have a “Sell By” date of June 25, 2016, and would have been purchased from our Stockton store between June 20, 2016 and June 25, 2016.  No other Food Source stores were affected.

Promptly upon learning of the possible cross-contamination, Food Source took steps to mitigate the issue and minimize exposure to our
customers.  Food Source does not have reason to believe that consumption of any of the potentially affected products poses a health or safety risk, particularly if the products are properly cooked prior to consumption.

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