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Raley’s Announces New GMO-Free Pork Offerings at an Affordable Price

Partners with American Homestead Pork to bring top-quality pork to their customers

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Raley’s announces a new partnership, across all stores, with American Homestead Pork, a group of family farms producing top quality meat. The new Raley’s program will offer several varieties of fresh pork, all non-GMO and antibiotic-free.

American Homestead is a group of thirty-five family farms in Iowa, offering high-quality, affordable meat products. Their animals are never given antibiotics or growth promotants, and are raised cage-free in open spaces. They feed on non-GMO vegetables and grains, grown by neighboring families in nearby farms.

“We take our customers’ needs seriously. And what they’ve shared with us, is the importance in having full transparency in where their food comes from and how it’s produced,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s President & Chief Operating Officer. “That’s why we dug deep to find the right partner that will offer our customers natural pork alternatives. We are excited to partner with American Homestead Pork, whose strong quality standards mirror our own. Our customers can trust that they’ll have quality pork options at a value, raised on sustainable and humane practices.”

Raley’s has unique strengths as a local, family owned company and strives to support and partner with other likeminded family businesses that have the same open and honest practices. Raley’s provides fresh, healthy options to customers at a value.  With the addition of American Homestead Pork, Raley’s now offers more than 15,000 natural and organic foods.

This is yet another step forward in Raley’s commitment to  advocating for transparency and education in the food system to support their customers in making more informed food choices.

For a full view of the program details visit,

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