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Raley’s Chief Operating Officer, Keith Knopf, Adds President to Title

Owner & CEO, Michael Teel, to Focus on Sharing Raley’s Purpose

4180 EC Boardroom - group shot Raley's Headshots 2016 10000200 Headshots 2016 Mike Teel, Keith Knopf, Ken Mueller, Helen Singmaster, Deirdre Zimmermann, Mark Foley, Kevin Konkel, Kevin Curry

Raley’s Owner & CEO, Michael Teel, has announced the promotion of Chief Operating Officer, Keith Knopf to President & COO. Knopf joined Raley’s nearly two years ago, around the time Teel took majority ownership of the company. Teel will continue to direct the development of Raley’s overall strategic plan.

“It is a historic time for Raley’s – and in my life. We took our time to find and hire Keith. He has exceeded my expectations in his less than two years here as Chief Operating Officer and earned the opportunity to take on the role of President & COO,” said Raley’s Owner & CEO, Michael Teel.

Knopf will continue to report to Teel, overseeing all aspects of the business. A proven Fortune 200 leader, with over 25 years retail experience and leadership roles in companies such as Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret and May Company, Knopf has brought a strong balance of strategy and execution to the Raley’s executive leadership team. He believes in delivering a personalized customer experience and engaging team members in the company’s purpose. Knopf models servant leadership.

Teel will spend more of his time in the community encouraging organizations to join Raley’s in helping consumers make more nutritious food choices to lead healthier and happier lives. He with work with vendors, farmers, government, non-profit organizations, businesses and schools to help Raley’s affect change.

“I’m not going anywhere!” said Teel. “As Owner & CEO, I intend to stay involved in the business – focused more on where we are going in the future and how we can realize our vision and purpose. I am committed to continuing to build on our strong culture, and to support the passion our people have to infuse life with health & happiness by changing the way our customers eat, one plate at a time.”

As part of his commitment to the company’s team member experience, Teel promoted Senior Vice President, HR & Labor Relations, Mark Foley, to Chief People Officer, overseeing HR and Legal departments. Since returning to Raley’s in 2013, Foley has helped Teel re-energize the culture, motivating team members to personally connect to the company’s purpose.

“I believe Raley’s will make a difference, and is well-poised for future growth and longevity with our 11,000 team members and this strong leadership team,” Teel said.


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