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Raley’s Encourages Healthy Customers, Colleagues and Communities

Offering Seasonal Flu Shots Free to Every Employee; Making Vaccine Affordable to Customers at Every Store

By Amy Davis | Monday August 31, 2009

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA. – For the 15th consecutive year, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores is taking action to help customers and colleagues lead healthy lives with the convenience and value of in-store flu vaccinations, returning to all 133 stores in Northern California and Northern Nevada this fall.

Demonstrating its commitment to making seasonal flu shots easily accessible for its employees, the company again is offering free flu vaccinations to its entire workforce of nearly 15,000.

“Our customers can continue to feel comfort in getting their flu shot in a location that’s most convenient for them – their neighborhood Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods or Food Source store,” said Bill Okuno, Director of Pharmacy Administration. “What’s more, they can also trust that our employees are supplied with resources and services to keep themselves and those around them healthy, as we’ve encouraged every employee company-wide to participate in flu shot clinics provided at no cost to them.”

Seasonal Flu Shot clinics are available to the public earlier than in years past to accommodate greater customer interest, starting Wednesday, Sept. 16 through Saturday, Nov. 7, with operating hours from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., with a few exceptions (noted on the online schedule). Raley’s has partnered with Health Tech Mobile and Renown Health Group once again to host the clinics in every neighborhood served by the company’s 133 stores – even those without standard Pharmacy Departments.

Vaccinations are available on a first-come, first-served basis – another convenient component for customers, appointments are not required.

Seasonal flu vaccinations are available at the same affordable prices as last season – $25 in California and $28 in Nevada for the general public. Patients who have Part B Medicare but no HMO insurance are eligible for free flu shots. For customers who meet the requirements, Flu Mist will be available for $38 as an alternative to the shot at select pharmacies. Pneumonia shots are also available for $50.

Click here to view the schedule of clinics. Flu shots are not recommended for those allergic to eggs or egg products, those who have had an adverse reaction to a flu or pneumonia shot, those with a current active illness and those who are in their first trimester of pregnancy.


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