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Raley’s Launches Commitment to Sustainable Seafood

SustainableSeafood_logoRaley’s Family of Fine Stores has begun showcasing its dedication to sustainable seafood – a commitment to choices that are better for their customers and the planet.

Sustainable seafood is either caught wild or farmed in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans.  Raley’s new sustainable symbol indicates that seafood has been sourced from certified fisheries or farm programs.  Raley’s does not purchase species that are threatened and have no credible improvement plan such as sharks, tuna from certain nations and spiny lobsters, to name a few.

“As part of Raley’s ongoing efforts to infuse life with health and happiness, our  sustainable seafood involves working with trusted fisheries and fishermen, ensuring that seafood is sourced responsibly and ethically,” said Koen Vermeylen, Raley’s Seafood Expert.

Currently, approximately 80% of all seafood sold at Raley’s is sustainable, with a goal of December 2017 for all fish to be 100% sustainably sourced. The company’s seafood staff has undergone extensive training to answer customer questions about sustainability.

For more information about where Raley’s sources each species and how they choose their suppliers, visit

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