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Raley’s Launches New Multidimensional Advertising Campaign

Raley’s New Campaign, “However You Eat”, focuses on the personal food choices made by customers.

Raley’s launched a new multidimensional advertising campaign to support the company’s vision to infuse life with health and happiness. The campaign, entitled “However You Eat,” invites customers to shop with Raley’s for their nutrition and wellness needs regardless of the way they eat and where they are on their individual health journey.

The campaign, which kicks off on April 4, was developed to inspire a real conversation about how we eat. The advertising assets tell a story about the different reasons customers buy groceries. The campaign places an emphasis on being inclusive whether you are shopping for a family, as a vegan, for a book club meeting or as a pescatarian. Raley’s has made bold moves in the recent past to make healthy food more accessible to all of its customers, but also accepts when they want to splurge on their favorite sweet treat, salty snack, or bottle of wine.

“Raley’s is committed to changing the way the world eats one plate at a time as well as providing our customers with access to plentiful and affordable healthy food options,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s President. “This new campaign demonstrates our commitment to celebrate our customers’ individuality, and lets them know that Raley’s is here to support their diverse needs.”

The campaign was developed in partnership with three strategic agencies. Raley’s partnered with Division Labor to develop the creative campaign introducing, “However you eat, this is where you’ll save” including multiple videos shared across digital and social channels. dunnhumby, a global leader in customer data science, helped Raley’s verify the company’s competitive positioning with consumer research and ensured the relevance of the campaign messaging. To help execute the campaign, Raley’s appointed Palisades Media Group to handle media strategy and placement, which includes radio spots, digital displays and video content.

“Together, with our strategic partners, Division of Labor, dunnhumby, and Palisades Media Group, we developed a thoughtful campaign that helps reinforce Raley’s incomparable position within the marketplace,” said Deirdre Zimmermann, Raley’s Senior Vice President, Marketing. “This campaign not only speaks to the varied needs of our Raley’s customers, but our uncompromising quest to offer a very special experience to each and every one of them.”

The advertisement messaging is playful, conversational and outlines that no matter how someone eats, Raley’s is customers’ destination for the best fresh products, affordable offerings and personalized service.  Raley’s personalizes the shopping experience through their Something Extra loyalty program and their eCart click-and-collect, which recently expanded to included delivery service.

“However You Eat” speaks directly to those shoppers who are looking to eat healthier but also want to feel accepted by their grocery store.


Multi-dimensional Marketing Campaign Assets


209090514_HYE_T_Stands_FINAL.indd    209090514_HYE_T_Stands_FINAL.indd

209090514_HYE_T_Stands_FINAL.indd    209090514_HYE_T_Stands_FINAL.indd

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