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Raley’s Offers Relief In Destructive Lake Tahoe Fire

Raley’s Takes Action To Help Residents, Fire Crews and Employees
By Amy Johnston | Tuesday June 26, 2007

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA – Raley’s is responding to the Lake Tahoe fire with assistance and support during this tragic time for both the affected residents and company employees as well as providing needed resources to the hardworking fire crews. This forest fire has claimed 2,500 acres and hundreds of homes, including the homes of about eight Raley’s employees. Some of our employees have come to work with only the clothes on their backs and have lost everything else.

This devastation truly touches home – with some of our employees and many of our customers affected – so Raley’s will transition all Food For Families donation boxes company-wide to the Tahoe Fire Relief Fund, benefiting the American Red Cross to collect funds for those affected by the fire. This includes all California and Nevada Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source stores, a total of 130 participating stores.

Beginning Tuesday, June 26 through Tuesday, July 31, all donations in these cash boxes will support the Tahoe Fire Relief Fund. In addition to the conversion of checkstand cash boxes to support the Tahoe Fire Relief Fund, Raley’s will also implement an Add-A-Buck program, where customers will have the option to add one, five or ten dollars at the time of their checkout to go directly to the Tahoe Fire Relief Fund. Raley’s will match all customer cash donations up to $100,000.

Two Raley’s stores (1040 Emerald Bay Road and 4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd.) have even provided fire crews with food and water as more firefighters enter the South Lake Tahoe area to help contain the fire. Raley’s has brought more employees to these stores to support these efforts. They’ve made thousands of sandwiches throughout the night. About eight Raley’s employees have lost their homes in the fire, so the company is assisting them with food, shelter, clothes and other basic goods that they are now without.

Raley’s is developing other ways to be of further assistance to these affected employees in their time of great need.

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