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Raley’s Ongoing Commitment

As a purpose-driven and value-based company, we make every effort to be transparent with our customers. We wish to share Raley’s ongoing commitment to prevent discrimination and racial profiling of customers.

We regularly reiterate our policies against discrimination with all team members.

Annually, all employees will be required to take diversity and inclusion training including a focus on explicit and implicit bias.

As part of new hire orientation, new hires will be required to take an enhanced inclusion and bias training within the first week of hire. A proven third-party firm with expertise in diversity and inclusion is being utilized to influence the development of all training materials and processes as well as provide other recommendations. A proven third-party firm is being utilized to audit relevant policies for internal review and governance.

Respect and inclusion for all people is the minimum acceptable standard. Raley’s has a long-standing relationship with the communities we serve. We are proud of how our team members handle millions of interactions with customers each year. We’ve made a commitment to do even better as an organization.

For more information, please contact Chelsea Minor, Corporate Director of Consumer & Public Affairs at

Racism, Prejudice

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