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Raley’s Owner Mike Teel Releases Video Blog Series

Teel shares his passion for helping people eat better, first focusing on added sugar

Raley’s announced the launch of a new video series featuring the viewpoints of Owner & Chairman Mike Teel, titled Minute with Mike Teel. The series tackles challenging issues facing the food system today, and is Mike’s latest effort in his personal mission to help consumers make the best decisions for their health and wellbeing.

As Raley’s third-generation family owner, Mike has been in the grocery business for most of his life and is passionate about leveraging his expertise to be an advocate for the consumer. From starting out as a bagger and store manager to assuming many leadership roles within the company, Mike has been personally driven by the importance of empowering customers to make informed decisions on what food they purchase.  In fact, Mike believes that the grocery business, specifically, has an obligation to help people eat better by enabling them to make healthier choices. Because of Mike’s vision, Raley’s has already started working toward setting new standards in the industry for doing so.

“I believe that by being in the business of food, we are also in the business of health. Our aisles are the point of decision-making that can have a huge impact on health, with customers making thousands of decisions about what they put into their bodies each day,” said Mike Teel. “The topics discussed in these videos come from the heart and my personal beliefs and experiences. My hope is that they’ll inspire a real conversation in the food industry that inspires food producers and grocery stores to change for the better, together.”

This dedicated YouTube channel will feature Raley’s Owner & Chairman Mike Teel’s compelling perspective on hotly debated topics. In the first series of eight videos, Mike will focus on the topic of sugar in packaged goods.

Through Mike’s inspiration, Raley’s has begun to implement a series of bold moves in the spirit of health for the consumer:

  • Better for you check stands, reducing candy by 25%, while eliminating all conventional candy and carbonated soda offerings at the front of the store.
  • Eliminated private-label soda offerings.
  • Eliminated the sale of tobacco in grocery stores.
  • Offer free fruit for kids in all stores.
  • Raley’s Shelf Guide, a one-of-a-kind tool in label transparency to help customers in-store and online recognize at-a-glance which products are Minimally Processed, Nutrient Dense, No Added Sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan or Kosher.
  • For more information on these bold moves, go to under “purpose”.

The videos will be released weekly on Tuesdays and will be available on YouTube, the first video was released today.
Subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow Minute with Mike Teel on Twitter.


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