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Raley’s Partners with Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters on Remodeled In-Store Coffee House


Remodeled café in Folsom Bel Air features new food service offerings and specialty coffee


Folsom, CA — Raley’s has completed the first phase of the planned remodel at the Bel Air store in Folsom, including an improved coffee house with new food service offerings and a specialty coffee partnership with Sacramento-based Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters. The redesigned café will serve as the company’s hub for food service exploration and work in tandem with Phase Two of the remodel to improve the overall customer experience.

“We are excited to bring Chocolate Fish coffee to Raley’s customers,” said Edie/Andy Baker, Owner of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters. “We have been looking for a partner who shares our same commitment to quality products and community. We believe this partnership will enhance our brand and bring more specialty coffee to Sacramento.”

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters opened in 2008 in Sacramento and currently operates three additional retail locations. This new partnership with Raley’s is exclusive to the Bel Air in Folsom and the first of its kind. The new café reflects the design style of Chocolate Fish’s other locations and features trained baristas and state of the art equipment. The coffee served in the café will be roasted to Chocolate Fish’s standards of peak sweetness and fruit acidity.

In addition to the partnership with Chocolate Fish, Raley’s has brought modernization to the food service department in this remodeled location. The store’s new offerings include a made-to-order pizza bar, Sambazon acai bowls, fresh pressed juices and smoothies, and modern take on traditional hot wok with fusion bowls, ramen bowls and Mongolian style options all made fresh to customer order.

“Our busy customers are always on the hunt for time saving meal options, so this investment in our food service department is really an investment in them and their in-store experience,” said Raley’s Executive Director of Store Operations, Levi Wingo. “The remodel gives us the ability to better meet our customers’ needs by providing them with quick, convenient, unique, and delicious offerings.”

The new space includes a redesigned café, new seating area to enjoy a meal, an updated community room and outside seating. Bel Air, located at 2760 East Bidwell Street, is holding a soft opening for the public to experience the new food service department and taste the new offerings. Each of the three days will feature unique samples and custom giveaways.

Thursday, October 3 – 4:30PM to 8:30PM

Smoothie and Coffee Night

*Meet & Greet with the owners of Chocolate Fish, Folsom Chamber of Commerce & local elected officials at 5PM


Friday, October 4 – 4:30PM to 8:30PM

Weekend Kick-Off with special tastings

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