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Raley’s Relaunches Private Label Chicken Program with Improvements

Raley’s Relaunches Private Label Chicken Program with Improvements


Raley’s chicken now 100% antibiotic-free and packaged in 100% recyclable trays

West Sacramento, CA — Raley’s has relaunched their private label chicken program with two significant improvements. For the first time in the grocer’s 84-year history, Raley’s brand chicken is now 100% antibiotic-free and packaged in 100% recyclable trays. These changes are yet another step in Raley’s commitment to sustainability and health, aligning with the company’s vision of changing the way we eat, one plate at a time.

These improvements have been implemented for Raley’s Private Label Chicken and Raley’s Purely Made Organic Chicken. Both labels are now cage-free chickens, packaged in 100% recyclable trays and absent of any antibiotics, added hormones and preservatives. Raley’s Purely Made Organic Chickens are also raised on USDA organic, non-GMO vegetarian feed and are free-range, giving them access to roam and forage in the sun.

These sustainable and health-oriented changes are yet another way in which Raley’s is blazing a trail towards a more responsible industry that considers the health and happiness of its customers. Earlier this year, Raley’s relaunched their entire private label program, which revamped thousands of carefully crafted products at fair prices.

“Raley’s is proud to launch our antibiotic-free chicken program and 100% recyclable packaging, bringing a higher quality product to customers at the same low price,” said Todd Allen, Raley’s Director of Meat & Seafood. “These changes are a critical step in our journey and show our commitment to improving our food offerings and being sustainable in our packaging practices.”

About Raley’s

Raley’s is a privately-owned and family-operated customer experience grocery company headquartered in West Sacramento, CA. Raley’s stores are the destination for the best fresh products, affordable offerings and personalized service. The company’s commitment to infusing life with health and happiness by changing the way the world eats, one plate at a

time, has made it a trusted source for food, nutrition, and wellness. Raley’s strives to enhance transparency and education in the food system in order to help customers make more informed, healthy food choices. Raley’s operates 129 stores under five banners: Raley’s, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods, Food Source, and Market 5-ONE-5. Making healthier offerings accessible to everyone, Raley’s has expanded beyond the store to operate grocery curbside pick-up and delivery in their nearby communities. Visit

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