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Raley’s Renews Commitment to Sustainability this Earth Day


Earth Day is something that happens 365 days a year at Raley’s. We’re proud to introduce a renewed focus on sustainability.

See sixteen ways we’re making a difference at including:

We’re something extra.

The pages of our Something Extra magazine are made of 80% recycled content printed with Enviro-tech certified inks, which use vegetable oils and pine resin.

We’re making a splash.

By December 2017, all of our fish will be sustainably sourced. Right now, you can look for the sustainable seafood logo to find fish that is sourced from certified fisheries or farm programs.

We’re egg-cited

Seen styrofoam egg cartons in our store lately? Nope, we’re opting for more sustainable materials.

Stay tuned for more exciting ways you can partner with us toward a better planet.



Raley’s Director of Wellness and Sustainability, Meg Burritt shares the latest steps we’ve taken to be more mindful of the planet. Listen to the audio files below.




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