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Raley’s Rolls Out Mobile Food Truck Alliance With Flavor Face

First grocery store in the region to join forces with food truckFlavorFaceRaleysFoodTruckHR

Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has become the first grocery store chain in the Sacramento region to partner with a food truck, as a new mobile venue to offer high quality food to customers. Raley’s is collaborating with local Chef and food truck owner Brian Stanberry and Flavor Face Food Truck.

Brian Stansberry’s food truck, Flavor Face, has been serving residents in the greater Sacramento region for nearly three years. Flavor Face is known for restaurant quality gourmet offerings that give customers a “flavor face” when they taste good food. The new partnership will enhance the Flavor Face brand, with increased access to high quality ingredients and products. With Raley’s vast access to food, the alliance will result in varied, fresh, and seasonal entrees.

“The food truck revolution has become the newest, convenient dining experience and Raley’s is eager to be a part of it,” said Dean Owens, Raley’s Senior Director of Food Service. “Brian’s culinary background made him a great fit for Raley’s and together we will share great food throughout Sacramento from the mobile food truck.”

The twenty-foot Flavor Face food truck is co-branded with Raley’s, with the tag line, “Rollin’ with Raley’s”. The mobile venue will allow Raley’s to bring top quality food options to the greater Sacramento community and introduce the Raley’s brand to new audiences. The partnership will include Flavor Face’s involvement in many Raley’s events throughout the year, including re-grand opening celebrations, charity events, and other community events that Raley’s supports.

“I am tremendously excited to partner with Raley’s Family of Fine Foods, which has been proudly serving the community since 1935,” said Stansberry.  “I can’t think of a better paring than a chef and a prestigious grocery chain that sources the freshest and finest of quality foods. This partnership will allow me direct access to a wide variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients, which broadens my creative canvass to create the distinct flavorful dishes, that Flavor Face is known for.”

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