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Raley’s Sets New Standards for Private-Label Eggs

Company sets strategy to go cage-free on private label eggs this summer raleys-logo

Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has announced the company will transition all private-label eggs to cage-free by July, 2016. The company has been steadily increasing offerings, allowing customers to make the best choice for their personal purchase needs. This decision aligns with Raley’s ongoing goal to offer customers quality products they desire.

In addition, Raley’s has set a goal of sourcing only cage-free eggs for all other brands by 2020, based on availability. Raley’s is committed to work with farmers and suppliers to ensure product is affordable, safe and available for all of our customers.

“We are proud to make this quick transition to cage-free eggs on our private-label offerings, where we have authority over the product and supply chain,” said Chelsea Minor, Director of Public Relations & Public Affairs. “As we make this transition, we will continue to serve as a resource for our customers and their product selections.”

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