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COVID-19: New Steps as of 3/16

Media Statement: March 16, 2020


Here are some of the steps Raley’s is taking in response to this unprecedented time:

  • We are, for now, limiting a small number of products to a maximum of two items per family per visit. This includes milk, eggs, water, fresh packaged chicken and paper products.
  • We are offering a special program for seniors and at-risk customers in self-isolation or quarantine. It consists of offering a pre-selected bag of fresh items and pantry staples at a discounted price of $20 that can be picked up at the store by a family member, friend or caregiver. More details are available online.
  • We are suspending our open self-serve hot food and salad offerings. Instead, these items will be pre-packaged and on shelves.
  • We are seeking to immediately increase our workforce by several hundred team members to support store operations, including our eCommerce business. We recognize there are many displaced employees from other service sectors who can benefit from this opportunity to help serve their community, and we encourage them to apply online at
  • We are asking those using our Raley’s eCart online ordering to consider placing orders at least 48 hours in advance and to select our pick-up instead of delivery service. Effective 3/18, we will be adjusting our pickup and delivery windows to four different times of the day.
  • To support those who were already food insecure, we continue our work with local food banks to provide a steady supply of staples. This is especially important now for children who no longer have access to school provided meals.  We encourage customers to donate generously to Raley’s foundation, Food for Families.

Additional information can be found here.

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