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Raley’s Unveils New Solar Electronic Generation System

Rooftop Panels Expected to Generate Enough Solar Power to Provide 20 Percent of Average Annual Power Usage

By Amy Johnston | Sunday February 10, 2008

LINCOLN, Calif. – With thousands of Sacramento-area residents resolving to be more environmentally friendly in 2008, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores began the new year by unveiling its new state-of-the-art solar energy power generation system in its Lincoln store today, the latest effort in the company’s decades-long commitment to environmentally-responsible retailing.

The new 1,576-panel solar power system is expected to save approximately 300,000 kilowatts of power per year – equivalent to approximately 20 percent of the store’s average annual power usage. Store visitors will have the opportunity to observe the power savings and store usage in real-time by viewing a monitor which has been installed near the store entrance to provide interested visitors with detailed power savings data and energy use information. Raley’s will be installing additional solar units at other company facilities later this year.

“This is an exciting win-win project as it provides significant energy savings, reduces our environmental impact and it helps lower our cost of doing business all of which benefits our customers,” said Ed Estberg, Raley’s senior director of facilities. “Raley’s has a proud history as an environmentally-sustainable business and this solar project provides significant green benefits.”

Years ago, Raley’s adopted a corporate policy to improve and enhance the environment with little or no financial impact on its customers. This approach has resulted in an impressive list of successes and achievements including:
Each year, more than 680 tons of waste per store are recycled and diverted from eventual disposal in area landfills through a recycling program developed by Raley’s in 1995. When factored by Raley’s 138 stores, this amounts to nearly 94,000 tons of waste being recycled every year!

Raley’s recycles 72% of all its shopping bags.
All Raley’s stores being built or refurbished are having “cool roofs” installed which are highly reflective and enable the roof to stay 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in the summer than a traditional roof, thereby reducing each store’s air conditioning load and lowering its energy costs.

Whenever possible, Raley’s sources many of its products from local farmers, ranchers and providers, thereby reducing truck travel and lowering carbon emissions.
Skylights are regularly installed throughout all new stores to reduce power reliance and induction lighting is used in its new stores and at Raley’s distribution centers.

Added Estberg, “Raley’s is proud that its actions have brought real environmental progress over the years and we are excited to continue to bring innovative solutions to the issues that matter most to our customers.”

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