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Red Robin Crispy Onion Rings

Recall Title: Red Robin Crispy onion Rings

Recall Date: May-12-2017

Recall Number: 21385

Recall Date Sent: May-12-2017

Time Sent: 8:50:00 PM (-08 GMT)

Product Identification:

UPC Code Name & Product
Identifying Marks (lot #s, Dates, etc.)
43301611193 Red Robin Cripsy Onion Rings – 14 oz. Frozen SKU# 71606769 – (Sell by date: OCT 28 2018; Pkg Code 6906711831 HH:MM and Pkg Code 696711841 HH:MM) and
(Sell by date: OCT 29 2018;Pkg Code 6906711931 HH:MM and Pkg Code 6906711941 HH:MM)

Reason for Recall:
This recall was initiated after it was discovered that contract manufacturer Fry Foods mistakenly packed product containing milk in packaging that did not reveal the presence of milk. Subsequent investigation indicates the product did not meet Lamb Weston specifications. These products are not served in Red Robin restaurants.

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