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See Our New Fall TV Commercial!

We’re pretty excited about fall, how about you? Check out our latest TV spot!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our new commercial:

  • Like our previous Seasons spots, the Fall ad is a mix of CG animation and live action.
  • The opening scene was filmed in Bel Air 524 in Folsom over the same days the Spring and Summer Seasons ads were shot.
  • The scarecrow is team member Angela Schmidt, a Courtesy Clerk from Raley’s 213 in Grass Valley.
  • The Harvest Fair at the end of the ad was shot at the same house you’ll see in the Spring and Summer Seasons ads.
  • The team at Bent Image Lab stitched together the food shots from 50 to 60 angles of food, creating surfaces and geometry for each element. The Bent team worked around-the-clock on these spots from July to September, sending bi-weekly works in progress so our team could make notes and edits.

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