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Keto Friendly

This icon is for products that are suitable for the Ketogenic Diet*. Low in carbs and high in fat, keto-friendly foods may help you change the way you fuel your body! 

A product may qualify for this attribute in the following way:
Identifies products that contain 0 – 5 grams of net Carbs per serving 
(Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates – Total Fiber)

*It is important to tailor the ketogenic diet to your needs. Your macronutrient percentages should be set to fit you and your lifestyle. The packaged items that get the Keto Friendly icon are identified as such to help you hit your macronutrient goals but are not intended to replace fresh food consumption or to be your nutritional guide to the Ketogenic Diet, as no two people’s dietary needs are the same.

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