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Minimally Processed

Simply prepared with only clean ingredients, and includes added sugar and sodium restrictions.

At Raley’s, Minimally Processed foods are:

  • Made with only clean ingredients: More simply made without any artificial and synthetic ingredients, including artificial sweeteners.
  • Conscious of added sugar and sodium: One of the only current tools in existence that allows customers to shop for options that aren’t loaded with added sugar. We’ve also done the guesswork for you and set limits on sodium.
  • Made without GMO ingredients: A simple solution for customers looking to avoid GMOs in their food, by excluding over 550 common GMO ingredients.

This definition of Minimally Processed is defined entirely by Raley’s, backed by science and supported by leading experts.

The Science Behind Minimally Processed

The Science Behind Minimally Processed


Raley’s Shelf Guide, Minimally Processed standard applies to foods that are more simply made with only clean ingredients – no synthetic or artificial ingredients, including artificial sweeteners. More than 90 questionable ingredients and over 550 common GMO ingredients fall into the categories below – these are banned from being in any Raley’s Minimally Processed food.

Reason for Restriction # of Ingredients on Our List
Synthetic or Artificial 41
Consumer Concern/Awareness 24
Research Showing Potential Harm 19
Banned in Other Countries 8
Common GMO ingredient 577

Sodium & Sugar:

Raley’s Shelf Guide, Minimally Processed standard is the ONLY one on the market that considers added sugar and sodium levels.

Here is a summary of our added sugar and sodium requirements…

Category Added Sugar Limit Sodium Limit
Meals <10% of calories <600mg sodium
Snacks <15% of calories <200mg sodium
Beverages <5g <150mg sodium

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