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The Science Behind Shelf Guide

Our extensive product analysis saves you time reading labels.

Thousands of products were evaluated to discover if they qualify for our Shelf Guide icons. Many of the items we carry earned more than one attribute! Our Registered Dietitian, Yvette Waters, MS, RDN, CISSN, worked closely with researchers to lean into what is important to our customers when they’re searching our shelves and developed the new set of icons.

Once Waters determined what the categories and icons would be, she created definitions for each icon and worked with a data partner to determine which products we carry would get which attributes.

Certifications and Packaging Claims

Many Shelf Guide definitions are based on whether a product has a third-party certification or makes a packaging claim. For example, Organic, Sustainability and Non-GMO.

Ingredient Analysis

In some cases, we had to dive deeper and analyze product ingredients and Nutrition Facts in order to discover if items fit our Shelf Guide definition. For example, Keto Friendly, Clean Label and Plant-Based.