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Calories from Added Sugar

We want to help our customers to understand what is in the items they eat and use. Our Nutrition Strategist and team are tackling one category of items at a time, helping to determine which products are higher in added sugar and lower in added sugar, simplifying your purchasing decisions in our stores and online.

Calories Coming from Added Sugar

Finding the percentage of calories coming from added sugars.

Total Sugar minus Sugar Allowance multiplied by 4 calories per gram divided by Total Calories equals Percentage of Calories from Added Sugar

  • We calculate every product at the shelf to help learn more about how many calories are coming from Added Sugars in a serving size.

The Categories We Have Done so Far

Categories Sugar Percentage
Cold Cereal 25%
Pasta Sauce 25%
Condiments 60% – Condiments & BBQ Sauce
25% – Mustard
Salad Dressings 25%
Diet & Nutrition 25%
Hot Breakfast 25%
Baby Food 25%
Shelf Stable Milk 25%
Sports Beverages 60%
Yogurt 25%

“Higher in Added Sugar”

Look for the easy-to-identify BLUE shelf tags that are “Higher in Added Sugar”

“Lower in Added Sugar”

We established that all products that contained 5% or less of total calories coming from added sugar. Look for the easy-to-identify GOLD shelf tags to find products that are lower in added sugar.