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Sustainable Seafood Policy

As part of our commitment to stewarding a sustainable food system, we’re always looking for ways to provide the best quality nourishment to our customers without negatively impacting our environment. That’s why we only carried responsibly sourced seafood. Seemingly vast and teeming with infinite resources, in reality, our seas are being overfished at an alarming rate. As our wild fish populations decline, we are taking a stand before it’s too late—for the health of our customers and our oceans.


We require third party audited sustainability information from Pacific Seafood, our trusted vendor that sources sustainably harvested fish and shellfish. Through our partner, Resiliensea, we verify the region and methods of catch or production, environmental stewardship certifications and Fishery Improvement Projects with every shipment of our fresh, high-quality seafood. An additional DNA audit by our partner, IdentiGEN, verifies the species and traceability of every catch. And we ensure that all of our farm raised salmon and shrimp are free of antibiotics. 


Raley’s partners share our commitment to responsible, sustainable practices. Through our relationship with Pacific Seafood, we are proud to work with the following fisheries:

“Because of the quality of their product and the responsible, sustainable way it is sourced, deciding to partner with Bristol Bay was an easy choice for Raley’s,” said Todd Allen, Raley’s Director of Meat & Seafood. “Our customers share our values and are interested in learning about where their food comes from.”

watch raley's and bristol bay sockeye salmon

Our Vendors

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, read about our requirements. Or current vendors may access tools and resources.

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