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Sustainable Seafood Policy

To establish the foundation for Raley’s traceability work, the statement below explicitly details the policy for all vendors:

Raley’s requires that all its seafood vendors sign an agreement stating that all seafood supplied to Raley’s comes from legal sources and can be traced back to the vessel or farm from which it was sourced. This information may be verified at any time by Raley’s or a third-party auditor by a phone call or on-the-ground audit. In the future, as affordable technology becomes available, Raley’s will require that verifiable sustainability information – such as region of catch and production, catch and production methods, certifications and FIPs – be provided along with each shipment of seafood.


Raley’s partners share our commitment to responsible, sustainable practices. Through our relationship with Pacific Seafood, we are proud to work with the following fisheries: