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Current Vendors

We appreciate the relationships we’ve built with our vendors and consistently strive to be accessible, accommodating and responsive. If you don’t find the information you need here, feel free to reach out to your merchant, department, or operations manager.

Vendor Marketing

Want to promote your brand on our website, social media, through our Something Extra program or with in-store samples? Fill out this short form, and one of our shopper marketing specialists will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

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Trading Partner Changes

TPM Processing Time Line

Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture

Raley’s requires 60 days advance notice if there are changes to a trading partner’s corporate name, address, broker, representative or legal structure (such as company mergers, company acquisition, bankruptcy, discontinuance of operations, or corporate restructuring). Note: A change in a federal tax identification number constitutes a change in legal structure.

These changes must be communicated to Raley’s in writing on Raley’s Change of Remit form accompanied with cover letter on their company letterhead detailing the changes, signed by an officer of the company along with a copy of the new W-9 form. The letter must contain the following information:

  • Your Company Name and Tax ID or DUNS number
  • Statement of what is transpiring and when. If applicable, include: 
    • Old Company Name and Address
    • New Company Name Address
    • Change to Remit-To Address

Email the change to:

If ownership of your company changes and the new owner is not an approved Raley’s trading partner or the company’s Tax ID changes, the new owner is required to complete the new trading partner and item set-up process. Please refer to Prospective Vendors for Instructions.

No changes can be made in Raley’s system until written notification is received. Failure to provide the required written notification will result in delayed payment.

Payment Remit Changes

Changes to a company’s name, payment mailing addresses or bank account numbers must be communicated in writing on Raley’s Change of Remit Address/Banking Information form, along with a Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form (W-9), cover letter detailing the request and a copy of a voided check or bank confirmation letter for changes to banking. No changes can be made to Raley’s system until written notification has been received. Failure to provide this information may result in delayed payments.

Email the change to:

Item Changes

Raley’s strives to maintain the highest standards of database integrity while providing superior service to our customers. To avoid potential ordering, service and inventory issues, item changes must be communicated to the Raley’s Merchant Team via email, with “Item Change” as the subject line and a completed Item Change Notification form must be submitted.

Discontinuation of Item

Raley’s strives to maintain the highest standards of database integrity while providing superior service to our customers. To avoid potential ordering, service and inventory issues, discontinuation of an item must be communicated to the Raley’s Merchant Team via email, with a completed universal-add-delete-form and “Discontinuation of Item” as the subject line, with as much notice as possible.

Cost Changes

Except where detailed by a mutually executed agreement, Raley’s requires a 30-day minimum advance notice for all cost changes. Cost changes become effective based on product order date. Raley’s reserves the right to require price protection for all price reductions.

Cost changes submitted with incomplete or missing information will not be considered as part of the 30 day minimum advance notice. Raley’s requires the use of its Cost Change Notification form.


eSystems is Raley’s business-to-business portal for trading partners to submit Promotional Agreements through eContracts. To use the system, the trading partner’s or broker’s items must already exist in Raley’s systems.

To request access to the eSystems portal, the following three forms must be completed and submitted to

  1. eSystems New Customer / Manufacturer Request
    If working through a Broker then the Broker becomes the Bill to Customer. If dealing with Raley’s directly then your company becomes the Bill to Customer. Please enter the appropriate company information under the Bill to Customer section. Please select the Source Location under the Manufacturer Information. This is required for us to assign the manufacturer number. The Customer number will be assign once you are set up in the system.
  2. eSystems User profile Request
    Please select one of the option from the drop list for the Role/ Positions. Please note each user must have their own account.

    • Sales Rep – creates contracts and has total access. The items, customer, & manufacturer can only be linked to the Sales Rep.
    • Sales Rep – Admin – This role is only provided with Switch to Access to the Sales Rep’s account to help create and updated contracts on the Sales Reps behalf.
  3. eSystems Customer / Representative Item Linking Request
    Please provide the Raley’s 8-digit SKUs for your items. This is required for us to link the items.  If you do not have this information please contact your Raley’s Merchant for it. Please return the forms in excel format to

eContract Log-on & Password Protection Policy

Please note that passwords and log-on information is confidential and should not be shared with others. Sharing of this information will result in the shut down of your log-on. Each user including admin helpers should have their own individual log-on and password for the safety of your company as well as ours. Raley’s can provide “Switch To” user access with the user’s permission to allow another within the same company to have access to his/her account.

We recommend working closely with your category merchant in the need to utilize this portal.  For your convenience, we provide both a detailed eSystems User Guide and a Quick Reference Guide.

E-Contract June 2017 Update Training 

Requirements for New Item Consideration

Introducing a new item for consideration follows a similar process as for new trading partners. Submit your item information to the proper category merchant for review.

Should the category merchant decide to further explore or pursue the new item, he or she will schedule an item presentation interview. Trading partners are required to present two product samples of each item at the interview. If the product is prohibitively large or restricted, bring a detailed, written product description that includes the specifications and illustrations and photographs that include the package scan bar area (including all numbers related to the scan bar.) Be prepared to discuss the following topics at the interview:

  • The key features and benefits of the product.
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion plans of your product(s).
  • Nielsen market data, where available and applicable.
  • The target customer for your product.
  • Recommended product placement in schematic.
  • Sales history of your product and where it is sold today.
  • Projected sales and profits.

All items require a Universal Product Code (UPC) and scannable bar code. The Category Merchant will provide additional instructions for perishable items. A digital image of the item is also required.

To provide the best possible experience for our customers, Raley’s is partnering with Label Insight and requesting your help. Adding your new items to Label Insight’s free and easy platform will help Raley’s. Please read the Vestcom Onboard Letter for more information.

This meeting should not be interpreted as an indication of intent by Raley’s to accept the proposed product or to appoint you as an approved Raley’s trading partner. While we may be interested in reviewing your company and products, acceptance is not guaranteed.

Something Extra

Something Extra is a points-based savings program that rewards members for shopping at Raley’s, Raley’s O-N-E Market, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods. Members are eligible to receive personalized offers on products they already buy while earning Something Extra Dollars they can spend in-store.

Download the Something Extra Vendor Guide for information about how your brand or product can participate in the Something Extra program.

Something Extra Bank

Something Extra (SE) Bank is a web portal where vendors provide Raley’s a total budget for a particular quarter’s campaigns. Raley’s then uses data science to determine the most relevant offers and discount amounts for your customers based on your current products in our stores. Currently, SE Bank is by invitation only. Please discuss with your Merchant Partner if you’re interested in learning more.

To access SE Bank for fund submission, please click here.

Click here to view the SE Bank Terms & Conditions.
Click here to view the SE Bank FAQs.
Click here to watch a video tutorial.
Click here to download the SE Bank User Guide.

Payment Policies

Raley’s payment policies are designed to pay trading partners for goods and services in a consistent and efficient fashion. Understanding of and adherence to these policies is critical to a successful relationship.

Purchase Orders

If Raley’s issues you a purchase order number (either currently or in the future), you must include the PO number on your invoice to Raley’s. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your payment. Please note this only applies to vendors for which we currently issue purchase orders. If you do not receive a purchase order number from Raley’s, the requirement does not apply to you.

Payment Methods

Starting April 1, 2017, Raley’s will require all trading partners to receive payment by our Wells Fargo Credit Card or via Automated Clearing House (ACH.) Remittance advices will be sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or via an e-mailed PDF file. Trading partners’ electronic payments will ensure the timely receipt of payments in a secure manner. Trading partners are responsible for all related EFT and/or ACH fees charged by its own bank.

If you are NOT currently being paid by ACH, please complete the form appropriate for your relationship with us.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Payment Option
If interested in receiving payment via credit card a short (< 5 minute) walkthrough of the process and tips on avoiding the most common issues is available at this link:

Payment Due Date Calculation

The invoice due date will be calculated based on the Invoice Date or Receiving Date, whichever is most favorable. Terms will be calculated from the purchase order, invoice or Trading Partner Authorization packet, whichever is most favorable. Non-discount terms are net 45 days. Credit card terms are net 15 days.

Cash Discount Calculations

Raley’s will calculate the cash discount on the invoice’s gross value of merchandise prior to discounts and allowances, less California Redemption Value (CRV.)

Shipping Discrepancies

Invoice deductions will be taken for quantity variances caused by shipment/picking errors, shortages, and damaged merchandise. Such deductions will be taken for shortages and damages discovered at the time of warehouse receipt and for shortages and damages discovered later in the receiving process, as may occur in the event of backhauls and drop-trailer programs where inspection is not feasible or permitted at the time of receipt.

Other Deductions

Raley’s reserves the right to deduct from outstanding supplier payable for allowances, bill backs, returns, post audits, coupon redemption bill backs, and other receivables. Raley’s also reserves the right to demand payment by check on credit balances past due.

Trading Partner Inquiries

Inquiries regarding Accounts Payable transactions, balances, and discrepancies should be directed to:

Accounts Payable

Phone: (916) 373-6009

Fax: (916) 373-6558

Extra Credit Service Center

Phone: (800) 925-9989


Several accounts payable coordinators are available to address supplier inquiries and concerns. Please include any supporting documents in your correspondence and allow 2-4 business days for response. Inquiries will be addressed in order received.

Trading partner correspondence on open invoices should be initiated within sixty (60) days of the initial invoice date and should reference the relevant invoice(s) by number.