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Q: What’s the difference between the standard Something Extra (SE) nominations and an SE Bank nomination? What is the benefit of submitting an SE Bank nomination?
Instead of the standard process of nominating offers for specific products, SE bank allows a vendor to provide Raley’s a total budget for a particular quarter’s campaigns. Raley’s then uses data science to determine the most relevant offers and discount amounts for your customers based on your current products in our stores.

Q: What is the cost to submit an SE Bank nomination?
Participation cost is based only on offer redemptions. No administration fees are added to participate in SE Bank.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for participating in SE Bank?
Currently, SE Bank is by invitation only. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to your merchant.

Q: Where do I access the SE Bank portal?
To access the SE Bank portal, visit

Q: What are the average redemption rates by participating in SE Bank compared to regular SE nominations?
On average, SE Bank Vendors are experiencing redemption rates 0.9% higher than our Vendors who are not in SE Bank.

Q: Is there a calendar that I can reference to keep track of when SE Bank nominations are due?
SE Bank Deadlines are typically four weeks earlier than the standard nomination deadline mentioned in the Vendor Guide. Please reach out to your merchant for the latest SE Bank nomination timelines.

For any additional questions, email

Q: How do I set up an SE Bank account?

  • To submit an SE Bank fund, vendors must have an existing eContract account. To learn more about getting set up with eContracts, visit
  • For vendors with existing accounts, visit to set up your SE bank account.
  • To sign up, select ‘sign up now’ and enter the same email that you provided for your eContracts account. Verify your account by selecting ‘send verification code’. A code will be sent to your email. Enter it into the prompt and select ‘verify code’. Next, you will create a password and select the ‘create’ button to create your SE Bank account.

For additional help, email

Q: How do I submit an SE Bank fund?
Once logged into the SE Bank portal, select ‘add new fund’. Fill out the form and select next. You will be prompted to enter your company’s 8-digit company prefix/manufacturer code. This will then pull up all departments and classes associated with that company prefix. On the “Review Categories” page, you can review and/or edit any products before submitting the fund.

Q: Can I submit one SE Bank fund for multiple quarters?
An SE Bank fund can only be used for one quarter. If you would like to submit for multiple quarters at a time, you are more than welcome to do so. Multiple quarters will be available at any given time.

Q: Is there a minimum on how much I can fund for SE Bank?
We request a minimum of $500 per SE Bank fund.

Q: How long are my offers valid for when I submit via SE Bank?
SE Bank funds are quarterly nominations. The funds nominated will be divided up amongst all campaigns within that quarter. Offer valid dates vary by campaign, generally 2-4 weeks.

Q: Can I limit what UPC’s I give you?
Including as many UPC’s as possible is ideal. This allows our analysts to maximize the number of relevant offers we can send to your customer base. With that said, when submitting for an SE Bank fund, you will be asked to provide your 8-digit Company Prefix and Brand. This will pull in all products associated with your company prefix and allow you to exclude items by their department, class, or UPC.

Q: Why does it ask me to enter the brand?
The brand that you provide in your SE Bank fund is intended to help you track which company prefix codes you have entered into the fund.

Q: Can I edit a fund I have submitted?
Once a fund has been submitted, it will be locked for editing. If you need to edit a submitted fund, please email for help.

Q: What KPIs or reports are provided by participating in SE Bank? When can I expect to see results?
All Something Extra Vendors will receive three to four reports throughout the quarter. The standard reports include the following performance metrics:

  • Performance on a Monthly, Quarter-to-Date, and Offer level
  • Uplift on Sales, Units, and Visits
  • Total Impressions, Redemptions, and Investment

After joining SE Bank, Vendors will receive additional performance metrics, which include:

  • Unique Customer Reach, including existing and new customers
  • Impact on Customer Purchase Cycle
  • Historic Sales to Cost Ratio trendlines

Q: When will I be billed for my SE Bank nomination?

A bill will be sent for each SE Bank nomination at the end of the quarter. Offer redemptions will be reconciled against the SE Bank contract and will bill for either the redemption total or the funded amount, whichever is lower. If the redemption amount exceeds the SE Bank budget, Raley’s will fund the difference.