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Prospective Vendors

Raley’s prides itself on providing customers with world-class service and high-quality products. We therefore require all of our trading partners to understand and agree to certain terms and conditions before the trading partners can provide products and/or services to Raley’s. Please open the appropriate links below and review, fill out, and sign each of the relevant forms.

Raley’s will not approve of any prospective trading partner unless and until Raley’s receives complete and executed copies of each of these forms and the trading partner completes Raley’s Quality Assurance requirements. Please return all completed forms and/or direct any questions to your Raley’s merchant or department manager contact.


All new Trading Partners must be preapproved by a Raley’s merchant, department, or operations manager prior to completing and submitting paperwork. If you have not already been in contact with a Raley’s manager, please call (916) 373-3333 to schedule an appointment.

After contact with a Raley’s merchant, department, or operations manager, use this convenient checklist to ensure you complete all of the requirements for becoming a new trading partner.

Trading Partner Authorization

Raley’s requires the complete and accurate completion of its Trading Partner Authorization Packet which is one of the major milestones you will need complete along with the other milestones on the checklist. This downloadable packet contains instructions and notes that should be read and understood prior to completing and submitting the forms. Please note that all required documents are required to be submitted with this packet.

Terms and Conditions

Raley’s Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement detailing the terms and conditions between Raley’s and its trading partners.  It is important that you understand all terms and conditions within the appropriate document. Trading Partners processing orders for Raley’s agree to be bound to the terms and conditions.
Resale (Merchandise) Goods
Non-Resale (Non-Merchandise) Goods & Services

Supplier Commitments to Ethical Business Practices

Our company is committed to doing business ethically. We engage suppliers who share this commitment. In addition to complying with our Terms and Conditions of Purchase and other contractual requirements, our suppliers will comply with the standards stated here and will require third parties it engages in connection with our business to meet these or comparable standards.
Supplier Ethics Terms

Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

In accordance with the United States Internal Revenue Code, Raley’s requires an updated W-9 form from all trading partners.

Payment Policies

Raley’s payment policies are designed to pay trading partners for goods and services in a consistent and efficient fashion. Understanding of and adherence to these policies is critical to a successful relationship.

Purchase Orders

If Raley’s issues you a purchase order number (either currently or in the future), you must include the PO number on your invoice to Raley’s. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your payment. Please note this only applies to vendors for which we currently issue purchase orders.  If you do not receive a purchase order number from Raley’s, the requirement does not apply to you.

Payment Methods

Starting April 1, 2017, Raley’s will require all trading partners to receive payment by our Wells Fargo Credit Card or via Automated Clearing House (ACH.) Remittance advices will be sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or via an e-mailed PDF file. Trading partners’ electronic payments will ensure the timely receipt of payments in a secure manner. Trading partners are responsible for all related EFT and/or ACH fees charged by its own bank.

If you are NOT currently being paid by ACH, please complete the form appropriate for your relationship with us.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Payment Option
If interested in receiving payment via credit card a short (< 5 minute) walkthrough of the process and tips on avoiding the most common issues is available at this link:

Payment Remit Changes

Changes to payment mailing addresses or bank account numbers must be communicated in writing on Raley’s Change of Remit Address/Banking Information form, along with a Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form (W-9) and cover letter detailing the request. No changes can be made to Raley’s system until written notification has been received. Failure to provide this information may result in delayed payments.

Email the change to:

Payment Due Date Calculation

The invoice due date will be calculated based on the Invoice Date or Receiving Date, whichever is most favorable. Terms will be calculated from the purchase order, invoice or Trading Partner Authorization packet, whichever is most favorable. Non-discount terms are net 45 days. Credit card terms are net 15 days.

Cash Discount Calculations

Raley’s will calculate the cash discount on the invoice’s gross value of merchandise prior to discounts and allowances, less California Redemption Value (CRV.)

Shipping Discrepancies

Invoice deductions will be taken for quantity variances caused by shipment/picking errors, shortages, and damaged merchandise. Such deductions will be taken for shortages and damages discovered at the time of warehouse receipt and for shortages and damages discovered later in the receiving process, as may occur in the event of backhauls and drop-trailer programs where inspection is not feasible or permitted at the time of receipt. 

Other Deductions

Raley’s reserves the right to deduct from outstanding supplier payable for allowances, bill backs, returns, post audits, coupon redemption bill backs, and other receivables. Raley’s also reserves the right to demand payment by check on credit balances past due.

Resale Goods

Raley’s expects all trading partners to develop prevention-based product safety and quality programs that ensure the products meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectation. Trading partners are responsible for the safety, quality and regulatory compliance of products provided to Raley’s and our customers.”

Product Safety, Regulatory and Quality Assurance

Raley’s believes in having a transparent and traceable supply chain network, which is key to understanding where our products come from and the ability to communicate requirements and expectations. We have developed a document management portal called Raley’s Collaborate+  which will support the onboarding process of our suppliers through obtaining critical information about your company and the facilities that manufacturer the products. Our team will provide you the necessary information to access the system and submit the required documentation upon Category Merchant’s approval to proceed. We look forward to working with our suppliers through this process and ensure we can achieve speed to market with products our customers love and trust!

Non-Resale Goods and Services

Raley’s strives to procure non-resale goods and services in a consistent and efficient fashion. We successfully utilize a reverse auction bidding system for non-resale procurement to ensure vendor competitiveness. As part of the approval and execution requirements, the procurement team reviews the ability to procure goods and services via this auction bidding system.

Most services will require a mutually executed Master Services Agreement (MSA) and/or Statement of Work (SOW).

Transportation Logistics

The top priority of Raley’s Transportation Logistics is timely delivery of product while keeping transportation costs to a minimum. Trading partners should make this a priority as well. In order to provide the best possible service, Raley’s trading partners making shipments to any Raley’s distribution center or store must adhere to Raley’s Transportation Logistic Guidelines and Cold-Chain Temperature Monitoring Requirements.

Capturing Product Images - Syndigo

Raley’s has developed a new process for capturing product images and product information. We have partnered with Syndigo, a leading provider of digital content and retail omnichannel optimization, in order to provide our customers the transparency they desire.

Raley’s requires up-to-date accurate product level data and images from our manufacturer partners. This process ensures a consistent customer experience as well as compliance for Raley’s. We ask that you provide physical sample updates on all new items, package changes and reformulated products after receiving an approval from Raley’s.

For your convenience, Raley’s now offers an on-site capture station. To book an appointment, or for more detailed instructions, please click on the link below.
Onsite Capture Instructions

Or you can send your products directly to Syndigo. Detailed instructions are included in the link below.
Syndigo Shipping Instructions

Nutritional Attributes – Vestcom
To provide the best possible experience for our customers, Raley’s is partnering with Vestcom and requesting your help. Adding your new items to Vestcom’s free and easy platform will help Raley’s.
Vestcom Onboard Letter

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The use of available technology is critical to operating our businesses more efficiently and more profitably. One of these technologies is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI.)  EDI provides better transaction accuracy, improves our mutual business processes, and reduces overall transaction costs. EDI is Raley’s primary business transaction communication method.

While many of Raley’s trading partners are EDI capable, we understand that some trading partners do not have the technology infrastructure in place to communicate via EDI.  Raley’s offers an inexpensive, user friendly solution, RWebEDI.  The only technology required is a computer or “smart device”, internet access and a printer.

If you have any questions about Raley’s EDI, please email the EDI team at  If you would like to have a telephone conversation with a team member, please be sure to include your telephone number with your email. Responses typically occur in the same business day.

Raley’s has recently completed upgrades to its EDI infrastructure.  We are actively on-boarding new vendors. If you wish to begin the EDI on- boarding process, please email: with your company name and Raley’s vendor number.

Supported Transaction Sets

Transaction Description ID Standard Version
Purchase Order 850 X12 4010
Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 X12 4010
Purchase Order Change 860 X12 4010
Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) 856 X12 4010
Pallet Label for ASN
Invoice 810 X12 4010
Functional Acknowledgment 997 X12 4010
Payment Order 820 X12 4010
Price Change 879 X12 4010
Product Activity Data 852 X12 4010

Transaction Acknowledgements

Raley’s requires trading partners to acknowledge transaction sets sent from Raley’s to a trading partner. The Raley’s Trading Partner Management Group will monitor for acknowledgments and take appropriate action if the expected acknowledgment has not been received within the time specified by the standard and version being used or within 24 hours, whichever is the shorter period.

Transmission of trading partner EDI transactions will be acknowledged according to the guidelines for the standard version being used. As the sender, it is the trading partner’s responsibility to verify that Raley’s has acknowledged transmissions and take appropriate action if the expected acknowledgments have not been forthcoming within the time specified by the standard and version being used or 24 hours, whichever is the shorter period.

Note: Raley’s EDI technical and logistical support is provided by Tradewave, Inc., a North American company.

How to get a UPC

All items require a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and scannable bar code.