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Raley’s SAP System Migration


Dear Trading Partner,

Migration Successful!!!

Raley’s has successfully migrated from its current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to a new SAP ecosystem. Congratulations to the project team!

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Trading Partner Information

Trading Partners with an existing EDI relationship with Raley’s will have already received communication respective to the changes being implemented in our EDI messages along with the new EDI mapping information. Please turn on the new EDI mapping now.

The most current specification documentation has been published to this location. Any specific technical questions can be addressed to this email:

We will resume set up of new EDI Trading Partner relationships as of September 1, 2021. If you currently are not set up for EDI communications with Raley’s but would like information on how to establish this form of document exchange, please review information provided at this link.   

New Article and Trading Partner Numbers

We have assigned a new article (item numbers) to all of our existing inventory. If you have not received your new articles numbers, please contact your Raley’s Merchandising partner.

Recap New Article Request Form

Our new system necessitates updates to our ‘Warehouse New Item’ form. We have taken this as an opportunity to make a few improvements to the form. An important change is all case pack changes will require a Warehouse New Item Form as all new case packs are new articles in our new ERP solution. The new form is included as an attachment, and we have published our Warehouse New Item form to our Raley’s Forms Library. All new article forms going forward must use the new form.

What To Expect Next: System Migration Support

If you require any assistance after our system migration, please reach out to your Raley’s Merchandising partner. Any specific EDI technical issues can be addressed to this email:

We are looking forward to enhancing our systems and processes and thank you for your cooperation and support.

Thank you,

Raley’s Sales and Merchandising Team

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