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Raley's products created just for you to celebrate our anniversary!

Raley's is excited to be celebrating our 75th Anniversary this month!  It wasn't so long ago that our founder, Tom Raley, started with a small drive-in market in Placerville, CA.  We are proud to have grown into a family of stores including Raley's, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source!

This month we are introducing products designed especially for you to celebrate our 75th Anniversary.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • Raley's Double Delight Extra Premium Ice Cream - Side-by-side classics of creamy, real vanilla bean and luscious dark chocolate. 
  • Raley's 75th Anniversary Blend Nob Hill Trading Co. Coffee - Premium fresh ground coffee.
  • Raley's 75th Anniversary Cupcake - Choose with Red Velvet or Black Tie.  These cupcakes are infused with frosting filling!
  • Claire's Classic Potato Salad - This potato salad is just like the one our founder's wife, Claire Raley, used to make for our first Raley's store.
  • Honey Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich - This savory Ozark-style sandwich was created in honor of our Arkansas-born founder Tom Raley.
  • Raley's 75th Anniversary Cookbook - This cookbook features over 75 of our best recipes and tips from Something Extra Magazine.  100% of the net proceeds go directly to help feed hunger in your community.

Don't miss out on our 75th Anniversary Sweepstakes.  We are giving away $7,500 in prizes!  Just tell us what you are celebrating and enter to win!

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I just picked up my cookbook and its awesome! I love that there are pictures for nearly every recipe!

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Tried the ice cream, could be best I have ever had! Leticia Saldivar

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Celebrating 30 years in business at His Word

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My husband & I are celebrating our move to Wellington NV.

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Glad you are enjoying our Anniversary products!

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Raley's 75th Anniversary Ice Cream

Raley's 75th Anniversary Cookbook

Raley's 75th Anniversary Cupcake