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Introducing our new Raley's Premium Coffee

Raley's new line of gourmet coffee has been making its way into stores over the past month, and we are certain you will notice and enjoy the improvement in taste.

You've always known the Raley's brand to stand for quality, but we've elevated our game by adding this new line of coffee to our family of fine products.

Enjoy our new, fresh beans available in 27 varieties in 12 oz. ground and bulk whole bean, and 4 of our most popular whole bean varieties in a 2 lb. bag. You’ll find some of your old favorites, such as French Roast and Hawaiian Blend ready for you to enjoy. Or if you are looking to explore a new coffee region, try our Panama Boquete, Guatemala Antigua Roast or Kenya AA. You'll find unique flavors, such as Tia's Cocoa, Central Valley Vanilla Almond and Coconut Chocolate Caramel Cookie. 

Not sure which variety you want to buy? We also have 10 of our varieties available in 2 oz. trial size, perfect for brewing one pot. 

Raley's is also offering a line of 24 oz. ground specialty coffee, including Donut Shoppe and All Day Blend, which is 65% caffeine for those of us who drink coffee all day, but do not need 100% of the caffeine.

Top quality begins at the source, and Raley's is proud to announce the Rogers Family Coffee Company as our new supplier. The Rogers Family is a local family-owned business that owns coffee farms in the world's finest growing regions and can verify the integrity of the beans from the time the seeds are planted until the roasted beans reach our stores. The coffee trees are 100% Arabica and grown at high elevations to ensure exquisite taste.

The Rogers Family Coffee Company imports the beans from their global coffee farms to Lincoln, CA where the beans are artisan roasted in small batches using age-old techniques. Using a local roaster means the beans do not sit around in a warehouse for months before they are delivered to our stores, but rather ensures the highest possible level of freshness that we do not think will go unnoticed by you.

From sustainably grown farms to an approximate $1 million annual community aid program, there are a great number of stories to tell about our new coffee that we believe you will be proud to drink.  We'll be sure to tell you about it all over the coming months, but for now, give the new Raley's Gourmet Coffee a try – we don't think you'll be disappointed!


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There should be a ooupon for a free 2 ox bag

Comment Number: 5227


There should be a ooupon for a free 2 ox bag

Comment Number: 5228


Your coffee area has been a mess for months. I've started buying coffee elsewhere because the coffee I've used for years from you has not been available. The new arrangement is disorganized and does not have the decaf in one place. I now get my coffee elsewhere.

Comment Number: 5229


Your prices are so high now I can't shop at your store is just outrages..almost 10.00 dollars a pound...I shop else where now. No ads in the newspaper, or mail box.

Comment Number: 5230


Ellie and grannylou, thank you very much for your comments regarding our new coffee. We will forward your concerns about the coffee display to the appropriate people. We recently switched our coffee supplier to a local, family-owned company in Lincoln, CA named Rogers Family Coffee. We sincerely feel that the change improves both the overall quality, and freshness, of our coffee. Thank you for letting us know how you feel, we always value our customer's input.

Comment Number: 5231


How much are the 2 pound bags and is there a decaf? Part decaf won't work for me or a lot of other people. How about a coupon......

Comment Number: 5232


Raley' s & Bel Air Supermarkets have always been my home away from home. I am very happy that the chain chose a locally grown company. I am looking forward to try the Donut Shoppe flavor. Keep up the good work! A coupon would have been a smart marketing ploy to get your customers excited about you new product. Signed, devoted Bel Air shopper

Comment Number: 5233


Dogfolks1 - the 2 lb. bag is 13.98 right now. And yes, there are decaf varieties. Also: if you'd like to try our coffee before buying a full bag, try one of our 2 oz. trial packets for just $1.39.

Comment Number: 5234


You need a coupon for a package containing the 2oz.samples for all the flavors.

Comment Number: 5235

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I lived in Carson in 2001 & 2. Even then prices on food was completely out of line. I lived in Dallas and could get by fine on $200.00, a single person, and out here, dang it, had to move back to this dump, and now it costs me over $400.00 a month for food! What's wrong with you people!!!

Comment Number: 5237


The coffee is fine, but not worth the increased price. And, the last three weeks, I have had to get a store employee to help me get the beans out of the dispenser. They get jammed up and don't come out of the chute. I have complained to the Grass Valley store management each time this has happened.

Comment Number: 5238

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I've already tried the 2 oz size of dark Italian and French roast and they are both full bodied and well worth the money, of course, a sample coupon would have sweetened the pot even more...I have traveled extensively throughout the states and Raleys quality of food and service is hard to beat...keep up the good work!

Comment Number: 5241


Does that mean no more Chocolate Macadamia Nut? Don't know if we can get along with out it!

Comment Number: 5242

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We are disappointed that English Toffee and Southern Pecan flavors are gone. We have shopped at Nob Hill in Martinez for many years specifically for these coffees and sent countless friends there after serving it in our home. Will these flavors from the previous supplier return?

Comment Number: 5246

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Comment Number: 5251

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sportsartetc and JoiAdams - If you liked the Mocha Java, we recommend you try our Raley's Sumatra Espresso Roast. It's a full-bodied coffee with a slightly smoky taste. It's darker than regular roasted coffee, but not as dark as our French roast. We think it's perfect for making espresso drinks or a stronger tasting cup of coffee. You'll enjoy a sweet and clean flavor with a hint of caramel and toffee. And, it tastes great when made in both espresso and drip coffeemakers.

Comment Number: 5253


karenj4 - if you liked the Chocolate Macadamia Nut, we recommend you try our Raley's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut variety. The smooth, nutty flavor of Hawaiian Macadamia nuts combined with the delicate flavor of white chocolate truffles make this a very tasty blend.

Comment Number: 5254


meganmcgees - Our Full Circle coffee line is 100% natural, organic, and environmentally-friendly. Choose from eight great-tasting varieties!

Comment Number: 5255


rjcherep - if you liked English Toffee we recommend you try our Raley's Coconut Chocolate Caramel Cookie. It's a perfect blend of a little bit of chocolate and equal parts caramel, coconut and vanilla bring out the flavor we all know and love. And, if you liked Southern Pecan we recommend you try one of our Raley's flavored coffee varieties. If you like a nutty flavor, you may like the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Central Valley Vanilla Almond, Hazelnut Crème or Panama Boquete varieties.

Comment Number: 5256


rosewood2 - We carry both whole and ground beans. (Your comment was removed for your privacy protection because it contained your email address.)

Comment Number: 5257


bobn3faw - If you want to try something different from our new French Roast blend, you may want to try the Tule Fog Chaser blend. It has the liveliness and body of our regular roast combined with the smokiness from our French Roast. A heavy full-bodied start with hints of cedar, vanilla and toasted almonds balanced with a delicate acidity finish with honey and milk chocolate flavors. (Your comment was removed for your privacy protection because it contained your email address.)

Comment Number: 5258

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In response to all of the comments asking for a coupon, our 12 oz. ground coffee bags are on sale through Feb. 28 for just $6.99 ($2 off the regular price) - no coupon required!

Comment Number: 5265

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Peggymccle- we are very sorry for any inconvenience you have encountered due to the changes to the display. Would you please email us with any details, so we can address this with the store? We'd love to know the store!

Comment Number: 5301


Do any of the flavors contain any kind of dairy at all?

Comment Number: 6880


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