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At Raley's, we are hard at work to bring you high quality products at the best prices possible. Our new line of crunchy, salty snacks is just one example of what we have to offer. Check out our new chips, available in Kettle, Potato, Yellow and White Corn Tortilla and our delicious Roasted Veggie Tortilla!

You'll find our Kettle Potato Chips available in Original, Barbecue and Jalapeno, and our Potato Chips available in Original, Wavy, Barbecue and Sour Cream and Onion. All of these delicious varieties have all natural ingredients, 0 g trans fats, and 0 mg cholesterol
Everyone loves a good tortilla chip, and here at Raley's we have phenomenal chips to choose from. Raley's White and Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips are made with all natural ingredients, flavored with sea salt, and are light and delicious with a satisfying crunch. Pair these with our Raley's California Fire Roasted Salsa. Yeah, we know you're unsure because it's in a can, but we promise you will be pleasantly surprised by the fresh taste and the kick that is just enough to heat things up. 
Last of all, meet our Raley's Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips. These are the chips you don't want to miss! Packed with 1/3 cup vegetables and 20 g whole grains per serving, these all natural chips are sure to be a hit with your entire family. Don't let the flames on the bag fool you – our chips have a very slight spice, but won't leave you desperate for water!
Bring us to your next party, pack some crunch in your lunch or enjoy during your favorite movie. Either way, we feel confident we've got a great value in snacks waiting for you at our Family of Fine Stores.
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Who makes your "All Natural Potato Chips"?

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We'll check this out and let you know! - Jessica, Raley's Service Center

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While our Raley's tortilla chips are not certified GMO-free, we do carry several GMO-free varieties in our stores. Here's a list of all certified products: - Jessica, Raley's Service Center

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Unfortunately we do not know if we will be able to bring this product back. However, we will be happy to notify our Purchasing Department your request for this product!

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Can't we just "like" the chips?? The ranch tortilla chips are awesome..!!! THnX..

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What type of oil do you fry the chips in? It is not listed. Linda

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Raley's Tortilla Chips & California Fire Roasted Salsa
Raley's Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips & California Fire Roasted Salsa