There’s Still Time to Fire Up the Grill…

Raley's Black Angus Beef Rib Eye Steak

Our Brands:  There's Still Time to Fire Up the Grill...

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, but there's still time to fire up the grill before the last signs of summer disappear! Here are some ideas to help get your juices flowing…


If you've gone the whole summer without getting a great steak on your fork, now is the time to act! Selecting the right cut of meat can make a big difference in taste and tenderness. For example, if you're all about flavor, you can't go wrong with a rib eye steak, the most flavorful of any steak. If you're more interested in a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture, try a cut from the tenderloin, such as filet mignon. Whichever cut you choose, you can't go wrong with a Raley's Black Angus steak!


Kabobs are perhaps the most fun of any grilling food – who doesn't love crafting the perfect assortment of meat and vegetables? At Raley's, we make kabobs easy with our Ready-to-Kabob Griller Packs, which come with skewers and pre-cut vegetables. Just cube your favorite meat and start assembling your kabobs – no vegetable cutting required!

Romaine Hearts

Have you ever tried Romaine Hearts on the grill? If not, you're missing out! Just cut 'em in half, brush them with olive oil (try Raley's!) and grill them for about six minutes. Then season them with salt and pepper to taste before serving. You can even try adding some balsamic vinegar or parmesan cheese for even more flavor!

So remember, it's not too late to fire up the grill – especially with such tasty options as these!

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Kabob Griller Pack
Kabob Griller Pack

Raley's Romaine Hearts
Raley's Romaine Hearts