Raley’s Sharp Cheddar Cheese

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If you've always liked cheese but have never gotten the chance to try something more refined than your typical Monterey Jack or Mild Cheddar, consider Raley's Sharp Cheddar Cheese as a great place to start!

While Mild Cheddar is aged for only one to six months, Sharp Cheddar Cheese is almost always aged for more than six months, with extra sharp varieties being aged for up to two years. This longer aging time gives Sharp Cheddar several unique qualities that distinguish it from Mild Cheddar.

The first thing you'll notice is that Sharp Cheddar has a more fully developed flavor profile, with a more concentrated tangy, earthy taste. Another difference from Mild Cheddar is that Sharp Cheddar Cheese has a firmer, more crumbly texture.

In addition to delighting cheese lovers with its highly developed taste, Sharp Cheddar's stronger flavor also makes it a great choice for use in dishes that have lots of other bold ingredients. Where other cheeses might get lost in the mix, Sharp Cheddar is able to hold its ground against other competing flavors.

So whether you're looking for a gateway into the world of more developed cheeses, or just want a cheese that can stand out in a strongly flavored recipe, give Raley's Sharp Cheddar Cheese a try!

If you're looking for a good recipe to use it in, try Sharp Cheddar in our Three Cheese Macaroni Bake recipe.

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Raley's Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Raley's Sharp Cheddar Cheese