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Raley's Flavored Lettuce

At Raley's, we're always looking for new and exciting products that will make your life in the kitchen easy and fun. The latest: Raley's Flavored Lettuce!

You probably haven't heard of Flavored Lettuce – that's because it's a cutting edge product that is just becoming available. These salad blends are naturally flavored during the growing process. For instance, our Wasabi Arugula is a natural hybrid of arugula and horseradish. The aromatic, peppery flavor of Arugula pairs up with the spicy kick of horseradish to create a mouthwatering explosion of flavor! 

Our other flavors include Lemony Blend, which is a sweet lettuce blend with a blast of lemon, and Superfood Blend, an incredibly nutritious mix of baby kale, spinach and chard that packs over 100% of your vitamins A and C, and 780% of your vitamin K!

What's even better is that these lettuce blends aren't just healthy; they're also super convenient! Every blend comes pre-cut, ready for you to easily add to a sandwich, integrate into pasta, or toss as a salad.

So try our brand new Flavored Lettuce. You'll be adding flavor and nutrition to your family's meals in no time!

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Thanks for the question about GMOs in our lettuce. Our flavored lettuce contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs)-it's the real deal! The product is not organic. If organic produce is important to you, we're sure you're familiar with the great selection of organic produce that Raley's offers! Thanks again for the question.

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Thanks for your comment about our Raley's brand brown sugar packaging. First, we're sorry we haven't met your expectations with our current packaging. This is actually an issue that we're working on. We always try to make sure our packaging is at least as good as other brands on the shelf, and we agree that it would be great to have a resealable bag for our brown sugar. We've been working with our manufacturer to bring in a resealable bag-it's been a challenge though. In any case, we're hoping to move to a resealable bag for our brown sugar within the next twelve months. In the meantime, we've found that it works pretty well to use a chip clip to seal the end of our current package. Not quite as convenient, but it keeps the sugar fresh! At any rate, thanks again for sending us your thoughts, and we look forward to re-earning your loyalty when our new packaging comes in.

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Saeryn - sorry to hear this! Which store was this so we can follow up?

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