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The spookiest day of the year is nearly upon us, and you know what that means…it's candy time! And Raley's has everything you need to stock up for trick-or-treating and Halloween treat-making.


Try Raley's malt balls, chocolate covered raisins and other delectable sweets for special after-school treats as well as Halloween party staples. We also have an array of hard candies like root beer barrels, caramel creams and lemon drops. And don't forget the kids' favorite—gummies! We have everything from peach rings to Swedish fish, and of course the classic gummy worms. Try them in our "Fun with Cryogenics" drink: Fold gummy worms into 2 ice cube trays; pour lemon-lime soda over top and freeze for at least 2 hours. Serve with any clear soda, and this colorful drink will be a real treat with the kids!

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Fun with Cryogenics
Fun with Cryogenics