Raley’s Cream Cheese

Raley's Cream Cheese

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The Possibilities are Endless!

You probably associate cream cheese with bagels and cheesecakes, but that is just the beginning! Raley's Cream Cheese is delicious in a huge variety of dishes, including some you might not expect.

Many baked goods can benefit from the addition of cream cheese because it adds a rich, creamy flavor and texture to the final product. For proof, try our recipe for Creamy Banana Bread!

For an extra-special breakfast (perhaps a Christmas morning treat…) try our recipe for Cranberry Cream Cheese French Toast. With its novel stuffed center, the kids won't believe their eyes when you set it in front of them.

If you're searching for a unique and decadent dessert this holiday season, consider our recipe for Chocolate Cherry Cheese Torte, sure to impress at any holiday party.

Our Pistachio and Kale Coated Cheese Ball recipe (from our most recent issue of Something Extra!) is a fresh take on the classic party appetizer that will keep your guests satisfied while the main dish finishes cooking.

These are just a few of the many uses of cream cheese! So next time you're in our stores, grab some Raley's Cream Cheese, and see what you can do with it!


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Creamy Banana Bread
Creamy Banana Bread

Cranberry Cream Cheese French Toast
Cranberry Cream Cheese French Toast

Pistachio and Kale Coated Cheese Ball
Pistachio and Kale Coated Cheese Ball