Raley’s Frozen Potatoes – Quick & Easy!

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Quick & Easy!

Raley’s frozen potatoes are a quick and easy addition to your dinner on a busy weeknight. Raley’s Shoestring Fries, Classic Fries, Crinkly Cut Fries, or our kid-pleasing Potato Puffs can be paired with your favorite sandwich or hamburger for a family-friendly meal. Our Shredded Hash Browns or O’Brien Hash Browns are perfect for breakfast – or serve breakfast for dinner – we won’t tell!

However you prefer them, Raley’s Frozen Potatoes cook in 30 minutes or less and are sold at a great price. March is Frozen Foods Month, so why not stock up your freezer?

And, soon to be joining the line up, look for our Raley’s Frozen Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Puffs, Hash Brown Patties and Onion Rings in the coming months!

Try our Minneapolis Jucy Lucy burger recipe – the perfect compliment to your french fries!

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Raley's Classic Cut Fries
Raley's Classic Cut Fries

Raley's Shredded Hash Browns
Raley's Shredded Hash Browns