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Deluxe American Sliced Cheese

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Raley's Deluxe American Slices

It's burger season, and that means it's a great time to try Raley's Deluxe American Slices! American cheese is the quintessential cheeseburger ingredient – it melts smoothly and easily, but has a strong consistency so it holds its shape even at high temperatures. Did you know that you can even add a slice of American to other cheeses to help keep them from running down the side of your burger? Try it and enjoy even more delicious cheese flavor on your burger instead of on your hands!


American cheese also delivers the perfect semi-soft composition that melts to a deliciously creamy texture. Deluxe slices have more real cheese and real cheese flavor compared to its individually wrapped counterpart.  A cheeseburger just isn't complete without the mild, milky flavor with just a hint of tanginess that American cheese lovers adore. So next time you're getting ready to throw some burgers on the grill, don't forget to grab some Raley's American cheese!

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Raley's Deluxe American Sliced Cheese
Raley's Deluxe American Sliced Cheese