Introducing Raley’s Muesli Cereals!

Raley's Muesli

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Introducing Raley's Muesli Cereals!

Just in time for back-to-school, Raley's is introducing our new Muesli cereals! Muesli is very similar to granola, except instead of the large clusters that you find in granola, it's a finer mixture of a variety of rolled oats and grains, often with added ingredients such as honey or fruit. 

Raley's Muesli is imported from Switzerland and is made with all-natural ingredients. Our muesli is available in five delicious flavors: Apple and Coconut Crunch, Honey and Wheat Crunch, Almond Crunch, Red Berry Crunch and Chocolate Curl Crunch.

It's not just great as cereal – our muesli adds a satisfying crunch to your yogurt or ice cream and is an easy portable snack. Try adding it to your muffin or bread mix for some extra texture too. Each package comes with a recipe on the back to make homemade granola bars, so try it out with your family! However you choose to use it, you will be impressed with the taste and quality of our new Raley’s Muesli!

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I love your Muesli! I wish you offered it online or bring it back. I can not find one that I like as much. The apple and coconut and the red berry ae the best around.

Comment Number: 6871


Is this product coming back? We miss it.

Comment Number: 6874


Bring it back. It's all we bought!

Comment Number: 6875