Introducing Raley’s Ultra Bath Tissue

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Introducing Raley's Ultra Bath Tissue


How would you like to save a little on your shopping bill but not have to compromise the top quality you love? Raley's introduces our line of Ultra Bath Tissue, formulated with new technology to produce a superior product.

Our Ultra Soft, in the blue package, is formulated to be pillowy, yet durable. Our Ultra Strong, in the red package, is made to be thick and sturdy, allowing you to use less. No matter if your preference is to buy soft tissue or strong tissue, if you like Charmin, we know you will love Raley's new bath tissue – and you'll love the price even more! 

Take a look next time you are in your neighborhood store. Our new Ultra Bath Tissue is at a quality you can trust and a price that will make you smile. We're so sure, we guarantee it.

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Raley's Ultra Soft Bath Tissue
Raley's Ultra Soft Bath Tissue

Raley's Ultra Strong Bath Tissue
Raley's Ultra Strong Bath Tissue