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Raley's Tonight Chicken Cordon Bleu

Our Brands:  Easy and Delicious!

Raley's would like to introduce you to a fantastic dinner that doesn't require much work. If you have not already, meet our Raley's Tonight dinner entrees! Found in the fresh meat case, Raley's Tonight is available in several tempting varieties, including Chicken Cordon Bleu, Steak Pinwheels and Chicken Stir Fry, just to name a few. 

Our entrees are fully prepared and ready for you to cook. Complete directions are included, and most entrees are ready in 30-45 minutes. Pair them with one of our bagged salads and a fresh loaf of bread from our Bakery, and you have a simple, yet delicious dinner. 

Swing by the meat case to take a look – we know you will like what you see!

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