Gelato Versus Ice Cream...Do You Know the Difference?

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Do You Know the Difference?

Gelato is often mistakenly defined as the Italian word for ice cream, but there are actually clear distinctions in their composition and nutritional value. Gelato is more creamy and dense (due to its lower air content) than ice cream and is often lower in calories, fat and sugar. Because of the lower fat content in gelato, you are able to experience flavor more intensely without the added sugar ice cream needs to produce the same flavor. 

To bring this sweet and delicious experience to your own home, Raley's traveled to Bologna to find the best gelato in all of Italy. Handmade with the finest ingredients from ancient recipes and methods of Italian ice cream making tradition, you can now pick up any of four authentic gelato and two sorbet flavors at your local Raley’s, Bel Air or Nob Hill Foods. Choose from:

– Stracciatella Gelato (Italian gelato with dark chocolate curls)

– Pistacchio Gelato (Italian gelato with whole roasted pistachios)

– Tiramisu Gelato

– Vanilla Gelato

– Italian Lemon Sorbet

– Italian Raspberry Sorbet

The artisan approach to Raley's Gelato is the true added value with each tub manually filled and decorated by expert hands, allowing for perfect distribution of ingredients throughout the container. This results in exclusive detail that enhances quality and adds an even tasty detail to the gelato. These are imported from Italy a few times a year so be sure to get your hands on one (or a few) before they are all gone! 

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Raley's Tiramisu Gelato
Raley's Tiramisu Gelato

Raley's Sorbetto al Limone
Raley's Sorbetto al Limone