These Desserts are a Gem!

Gem Cakes

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These Desserts are a Gem!

When spring rolls around, we find ourselves craving desserts with light, fresh flavors such as creamy butter, succulent fruits and sweet honey. Give into temptation with our new Raley's 6" Gem Cakes, the perfect indulgence for any springtime gathering.  

Choose from four varieties available for a limited time:

Peach Honey – white cake with peach filling and a honey mousse icing

Farmer’s Market – white cake iced with buttercream and generously topped with fresh seasonal fruit

Marion Blackberry – white cake with blackberry filling, iced with buttercream and ringed with fresh blackberries

Almond Apricot – white cake with apricot filling and an almond mousse icing

The mouthwatering fillings in our new Peach Honey, Marion Blackberry and Almond Apricot Cakes come from our very own Nob Hill Trading Co. Preserves. Yes, these are the same exact preserves you can purchase in our stores in the jam aisle. Unlike many other preserves, ours are natural and wholesome and never contain corn sweeteners, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. For instance, our Peach Preserves only contain four ingredients: California peaches, cane sugar, pectin and citric acid.

Why don't you stop by your local Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods bakery, and delight your guests with a tasty Gem Cake! 

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Nob Hill Trading Co. Preserves
Nob Hill Trading Co. Preserves