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Have you ever wondered how restaurants manage to cook up a ton of delicious, gourmet meals in minutes? Well, the secret is having all the prep work done in advance! Sauces and starches are precooked, veggies are prepped ahead of time and the meat is cut and ready to cook before patrons enter the premises. Thus, when you order a meal, it is on your table in a flash.

Now, you can recreate this same gourmet experience right in your own kitchen! Introducing Raley’s Chef’s Menu: a new line of culinary-inspired gourmet entrée kits that has everything you need to make impressive dinners in 10 minutes or less.

Raley’s has collaborated with independent local restaurant chefs and created a menu of gourmet meals that are being prepared in their restaurants. We then developed entrée kits utilizing fresh ingredients to bring this experience to your home. Each kit contains olive oil, seasoning, gourmet sauce, precooked starches, fresh cut protein, and fresh cut vegetables. All you need to provide is the pan! You can choose from the following seven varieties:

- Thai Coconut Chicken

- Ginger Beef Stir Fry

- Ginger Chicken Stir Fry

- Penne Pasta with Chicken in Citrus Alfredo Sauce

- Szechuan Chicken Stir Fry

- Chicken Marsala

- Pan Seared Salmon with Miso Glaze

Once you try one of the entrée kits, you’ll want to come back for more! Raley’s Chef’s Menu will help you shine like a culinary chef, cooking up the best gourmet meals your family has ever tasted. So, get your aprons out and get to cooking!

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I tried the penne pasta with chicken one last night and I loved it. Everything about it was so easy. I'm looking forward to trying more, especially the salmon one. Only the picture shows white rice, I would prefer brown.

Comment Number: 6424


Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear you liked this recipe. Thank you for the healthier suggestion!

Comment Number: 6439


I tried the Coconut chicken tonight, but imagine my surprise when instead of the rice that was supposed to be in the package there was pasta. I thought you would want to know. I made my own rice but am not sure how to cook the pasta since I don't want it to go to waste. Also, the broccoli was in very large chunks and I had to cut it into smaller pieces to get it to cook in four minutes. Otherwise very good.

Comment Number: 6528


We truly apologize for the ingredients in this gourmet meal! We appreciate you letting us know about this product's problems. We will look further into this issue! We are happy to hear you like this meal otherwise! Thank you for your feedback!

Comment Number: 6529


The Mashed Sweet Potatoes are heavenly! Really, they are amazingly delicious! My husband and plan on eating them often! I haven't tried the meals yet but based on how good these sweet are, I'll have to give the meals a try.

Comment Number: 6566


Lindsay_233- We are so happy to hear you like our gourmet meals! Thank you for sharing!

Comment Number: 6570


Although the publicity states that the meal provide "2 generous servings", the Thai Coconut Sauce states there are 5 servings in the package at 80 calories per serving. That would make the entire sauce package 400 calories, or 200 calories per serving when the entire package is used, per the package instructions.

Comment Number: 6708


understand how this discrepancy could create confusion, so thank you for reaching out to us for clarity. With food labeling, we follow FDA and USDA standards the Government puts into place to keep shoppers safe and to make sure you have adequate transparency relating to the nutritional value of the foods you buy in the US. When it comes to the serving size shown in the Nutrition Facts panel, that is regulated by the FDA for the product you wrote us about. That means, we have to follow Section 101.12(b) of the food labeling regulations (see section here:, which standardizes the size of the serving listed on the Nutrition Facts panel based on what category of food is being labeled. As seen in the FDA labeling reference table, for dinners with multiple components, the FDA requires that we list 1 cup or 8 oz. as the serving size. That is why you see 8 oz. as a common serving size on most of our multiple-component dinners as well (see image here: Sauces and other items that fall into different categories are required to list different serving sizes according to the FDA table in Section 101.12(b) of the labeling regulations. So, you may be wondering "what’s the deal with the “2 Generous Servings” claim? Well, the reason for including this statement is so that our shoppers know how many people to feed with the meal. When we feel like the FDA-driven serving size isn’t large enough to reflect what our shoppers are actually going to expect, we provide guidance using claims like “2 Generous Servings”. Basically, we don’t want you to get home thinking you are going to feed 5 people and only have enough for 2 servings. It is simply a gauge based on a “typical” serving size so you know how many mouths you can feed with any one item. So, as your supermarket, we really have two objectives with the food serving messaging on any given label. (1) To make sure you know how many people the item will serve and (2) to follow the government regulations which are put into place for separate reasons (mainly so that you can compare nutrition attributes across a lot of different products within the same category).

Comment Number: 6715


I've tried most of these! I love, love them! I wish there were more to choose from! The only problem I had was the Szechuan sauce was very spicy! I like spicy food but this was much too hot for me and my family!

Comment Number: 6738


Regarding the date stamp on the package, is that a best by date or a use by date? Thanks.

Comment Number: 6741


I really enjoy these, and we have them at least once a week. Just a FYI - the chicken juice one a few spilled over the entire container. Is there a way to better wrap the chicken up so the juice from the raw chicken doesn't go everywhere?

Comment Number: 6794


Thai Chicken meal - the chicken came in a sandwich baggie which leaked and had no "use by" date. Everything else was neatly sealed and dated. Is that normal?

Comment Number: 6834


Had the Chicken Marsala last night. Good flavor, but VERY tough chicken! Could hardly eat it. I won't be buying this again.

Comment Number: 6877


Chef's Menu Chicken Marsala
Chef's Menu Chicken Marsala