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What's better than a big bowl of pasta soaked in garden-fresh tomato sauce and paired with crispy, buttery garlic bread? Nothing. Well, maybe a large glass of wine to go with but there's really nothing better than an authentic Italian dinner.

We're here to give you the full experience of Tuscany with our pastas, sauces, spices and freshly baked breads. Our Nob Hill Trading Co. Pasta Sauce is made right here in California – Napa Valley to be exact. Created with culinary expertise using old world Italian recipes and the best tomatoes known only to the Sacramento Valley. Slow cooked in small batches to give you rich, Italian flavor. Available in two flavors: Roasted Garlic Marinara and Burgundy Marinara.

Our Roasted Garlic Marinara is made with oven-roasted garlic that is simmered with fresh basil, chunky tomatoes and a touch of olive oil. For an even richer experience, try our Burgundy Marinara. Created with a Napa Valley burgundy for deep, full-bodied taste. And to add a little kick to your sauce, try our Raley's Spice Grinders. Made with Italian spices like oregano, garlic, thyme, parsley and marjoram.

No Italian dinner is complete without the star of the dish – pasta! Our Raley's Pasta is low-fat, sodium-free and is made with 100% durum semolina. From spaghetti to mostaccioli, we have no shortage of flavor when it comes to our pastas.

Wait, we're not finished, just yet. Just like pasta, garlic bread is a staple in Italian cuisine. Our Raley's Garlic Bread is hearth baked by second generation Americans from Italy to bring you authentic, garlicky flavor in every bite. It's frozen for your convenience so that you can have a little taste of Italy, anytime.

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