Raley’s and Prairie Grove Farms Pork

Vanilla Brined Pork Chops

Our Brands:  Introducing Raley's and
Prairie Grove Farms Pork

We have teamed up with the folks at Prairie Grove Farms to bring you delicious tasting pork. Introducing our Raley's and Prairie Grove Farms 100% All-Natural Pork. This pork is harvested naturally using safe and humane farming practices.

The farmers at Prairie Grove believe in the safety and care of their animals. Their animals are fed a 100% vegetarian diet made of corn and soy with no animal by-products. These hogs are never given antibiotics or hormones and zero MSG or artificial preservatives are used. What you get is just great tasting pork!

What Raley's and Prairie Grove Farms products can you find in our stores? Only the best! We have everything from fresh pork items like boneless sirloin and pork chops to smoked uncured sausages and pulled pork.

Farmer Veteran Coalition
With each Raley's and Prairie Grove Farms pork purchase, you will be supporting the Farmer Veteran Coalition. The FVC's mission is to mobilize veterans to feed America. This is a new generation of farmers in collaboration with the military communities. Each purchase of our pork results in a donation to help veteran farmers get back on their farm after returning from active duty in the military.

These donations support the Fellowship Fund in supplying these veterans with farming education, supplies, mentorship and a support system as they transition from the military. By supporting these veterans, you are helping them to live a sustainable life through farming.

Support our veterans and get delicious pork with Raley’s and Prairie Grove Farms. Available at your local Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods.

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