A fresh take on frozen fruit

Our Brands:  A fresh take on frozen fruit

We love fresh fruit anytime we can get it, but it isn’t always convenient or in-season. Our Raley’s Frozen Fruit makes it easy to get peak of the season fruit, anytime of year.

We work with local family farmers from the lush soils of the San Joaquin Valley to bring you farm-fresh, frozen fruit.

We like to call it “fresh frozen,” because it’s frozen at the peak of freshness. This ensures that the fruit will taste just as sweet and flavorful as it is when picked the same day. You can have fresh peaches in the winter and dark sweet cherries in the spring!

Our Raley’s Frozen Fruit are perfect for morning smoothies, homemade ice cream and even cocktails:

Powerhouse Smoothie

Strawberry Champagne Sangria

Strawberry Cake Ice Cream

Champagne Peach

Bavarian Cream

Blueberry Grunt

Mango Frost

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