Season’s Eatings

Our Brands:  Season's Eatings

Christmas is nearly here – let our family of products serve your family this holiday season.

1. Raley's Cranberry Berry Bliss

Our chef-created cranberry sauce makes your holiday plate sensational. Try it in recipes that call for cranberry sauce, too.

Try this: Cranberry Almond Hand Pies

2. Nob Hill Trading Co. Butternut Squash Soup or Lobster Bisque

There are many varieties of all-natural and organic soups to choose from in our Deli, but we like these two as elegant options to start your big meal. Alternatively, look for small cups and glasses and serve as "soup shots" at your holiday party.

3. Nob Hill Trading Co. Artisan Breads

No table – or party – is complete without crusty, just baked bread. You can ask us to slice any baguette for your crostini, or use one of our breads for a decadent dessert.

Try this: Coconut Rum Mini Bread Pudding

4. Raley's French Sodas

These French sparkling sodas do double duty – they make a great mixer for your holiday cocktails or a swanky non-alcoholic choice for your designated drivers.

Try this: Basil Lemon Punch 

5. Raley's Nuts

Whether chopped or slivered, we've got everything you need for your holiday baking.

Try this: Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust

6. Raley's Artichoke Hearts

When it comes to appetizers, this veggie is a must-have. Serve on a homemade antipasto platter or whip up your own spread.

Try this: Artichoke Olive Spread

7. Raley's Frozen Mirepoix

You may know this combination better as diced carrots, celery and onion. Using mirepoix is a terrific timesaver on an already busy holiday week!

8. Raley's All-Natural Shrimp

Not only does our tasty shrimp make an equally tasty appetizer, you can use as a course for a "Feast of the Seven Fishes" on Christmas Eve.

Try this: Shrimp Marsala

9. Raley's Pesto

Perfect for a speedy weeknight pasta dinner or as the star of an easy-peasy appetizer, this ready-to-go pesto is in the refrigerated section of our store.

Try this: Pesto Cheese Bites

10. Raley's Broth

You can never have enough broth during the holiday season! This year, you can count us for the staples, or get creative with blends like Chicken, Lime & Chili or Beef, Garlic & Onion.

Try this: Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing

11. Raley's Mushrooms

Grown on the Central Coast by our long-time partners, these mushrooms are a must-have for a classic casserole or savory side dish.

Try this: Creamy Mushroom, Bean and Walnut Casserole

12. Raley's Eggs

We've talked about parties and the big meal, but what about Christmas morning? We've got you covered there, too.

Try this: Baked Eggs with Artichoke Hearts, Fennel and Peppers

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